What’s Going on in the Texas Construction Industry?

Here are the factors influencing Texas commercial construction projects—and why it’s okay to feel hopeful. It’s no secret that the construction industry has been dealt some harsh blows in recent years. And many factors remain unpredictable. But there’s ample reason to start thinking positively. FraserCon has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry. [...]

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Four construction project failure warning signs

The antidote to construction project failure is a team of reliable contractors with a clear understanding of best practices. The internet is rife with motivational messages about the beauty of failure. But a pithy quote doesn’t always make it easier to stomach the loss. It’s one thing to fail when you’re trying a new recipe. [...]

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Six Tips For Avoiding Construction Project Delays

In the world of construction, delays can feel inevitable—but you can minimize construction project delays by following a few best practices. Legend has it that the average construction project encounters at least 20 months’ worth of delays. This can lead to extra costs, very unhappy customers, and a big hit to your reputation. Construction Project [...]

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Why trust always wins in a disruptive commercial construction market

With volatility in the commercial construction market at an all-time high, trust is more important than ever. It’s been nearly two years since COVID-19 became part of our vocabulary and changed lives all over the world. As life slowly returns to normalcy, people are excited to start construction projects that have been on hold for [...]

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Construction Contractors Determine Success of Construction Contracts

For DFW construction contractors, business is bustling. Scroll through the projects listed on The Dallas Business Journal’s Crane Watch and you’ll see a huge number of current and pending projects. For each of these jobs, critical decisions are being made by builders, preconstruction directors, and estimators as to who they will partner with. The “who” [...]

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